About the Blog.


thcThe Humanity Complex is a blog which covers current affairs in politics and society.  Posts usually contain analysis of current political and social events.  Some of the events which I have covered so far include the EU Referendum, Brexit, the US Election and Brexit.

I occasionally write outside of the political and social genre into more aspects of modern life such as technology, television and media.

The name The Humanity Complex was something that I came up with in the early stages of the blog.  I chose it as it gives me a wide range of topics to write about and discuss in my blog.  It refers to anything and everything that could impact humanity.

Please follow this blog on social media.  You can find links on the Social Media page on the website.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all ways in which I update the content of the blog.  Please follow these so you can get updates.  You can also visit the website regularly or follow it on WordPress.

Please keep returning to The Humanity Complex.  I always like to hear input and feedback about my work.  If you have any suggestions about what I could write about, you can contact me via the blogs social media pages.

Thank You.