One year of The Humanity Complex

On the 9th June 2016, I created The Humanity Complex.  It has been just over one year since I started the blog.

When I started The Humanity Complex, I decided that the content of the blog would focus on current affairs in Politics and Society.

Over the past year I have written posts on numerous political and social issues.  My first blog posts were about the 2016 EU Referendum and the Brexit, but since then I have written posts about more issues in politics and society, including UK/Scottish domestic issues, the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, and European Politics.

Issues such as Grammar Schools, party leader images and electability have all been the topic of Humanity Complex blog posts focusing on domestic issues.  Although the U.S. Election did have some coverage, I am no expert on US Politics so I tend to stay away from US Political Issues.

Most posts about European Politics have focused on the results of European Elections, and what they mean for the future of Europe and the European Union.

Other posts have focused on changes in the political landscape, especially the political events of 2016.

Although I have had to write a lot of posts about elections, and the subsequent impact of election results over the past year.  This is because since 2014, the UK has held at least one referendum or election every year.

  • 2014- Scottish Independence Referendum
  • 2015- General Election
  • 2016- Regional Elections
  • 2016- EU Referendum
  • 2017- Local Elections
  • 2017- Snap General Election

All of these votes were important to the UK and I have written posts about the impact of the result of them.  Even the referendum on Scottish Independence (2014) is still raising issues in the politics of 2017, especially in the Scottish Parliament, and the pro-independence SNP Government in Scotland.  The regional and local elections give information as to the electability of political parties on a national level.  The EU Referendum and Brexit will no doubt continue to be a dominant issue in British politics.  But for now, I wouldn’t mind going a year without a new election or referendum to write about.

Are we fed up with constant elections?

I have written posts on similar issues for the first half of 2017, and I will continue to actively upload content to The Humanity Complex.   I expect that I will be uploading a lot of Brexit related content over the next year as negotiations with the European Union start.

I will also focus on more domestic issues and government policy on areas such as Health and Education.

But the thing about a current affairs blog, especially a political blog, is that I don’t know what I may write about next.  An unexpected political event may happen and have an impact on the political stage, and I would write about it on The Humanity Complex.

Make sure to follow The Humanity Complex on social media for updates and access to uploaded content.  Or you can continue to visit the website.

The Humanity has a Facebook page, Twitter account (@ComplexHumanity) and an Instagram account (thehumanitycomplex).


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