Was this election result good for the Labour Party?

At the beginning of this election campaign the outcome looked bleak for the Labour Party, the were polling behind the Conservatives and were predicted to be defeated.  When Corbyn became party leader after the party’s defeat in the 2015 election, many said that he was unelectable due to his left wing policies, but this was not the case.  Labour gained 232 seats in the 2015 election, but after Corbyn’s campaign and left wing manifesto the party increased their number of seats to 262.  Arguably the focus on public services and their anti austerity policies worked for Labour, but was this election good for the party.

On the one hand it can be said that this election was good for Labour as they didn’t face the electoral wipeout that they were predicted to suffer, the party actually increased their number of seats and defied the polls.  Furthermore the party also saw a comeback in Scotland, gaining 7 Scottish seats after only achieving 1 Scottish seat in their heartland in the 2015 election, losing to the SNP.  Labour also saw a growth of popularity, especially with the increased number of young people who turned out to vote and support the party.  Another major factor which shows this election result was good for Labour was the impact of the result on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Corbyn was branded as unelectable but saw the party’s popularity grow under his leadership, and an it can be said that there is more confidence in his leadership.  Corbyn leadership has been challenged in the past with a vote of no confidence and leadership election in 2016.  This result brings some stability to the Labour party and it’s leadership which can benefit the party, thus showing the positive impact of the election result on Labour.

However, the election still had a downside for Labour.  They still have less seats than the Conservatives (318) and they are not in Government.  Although Labour have 7 seats in Scotland, the Conservatives have 13 Scottish seats.  If Labour are to overcome this then there is still more work to be done.

Overall it can be said that despite not winning the election and being behind the Conservatives, it can be argued that this election result is somewhat good for the Labour Party, as their number of seats has increased, as well as their popularity and support, they are seeing comebacks in places such as Scotland, and the party is could see more stability with the leadership after this election.  Although this election was good for Labour, the party still has work to do if the next election is to have a better outcome for the party.


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