Was this election supposed to revolve around Brexit?

When Theresa May first announced the snap-election it was said that this entire election would revolve around Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.  The media thought that the campaigns would be mostly about the parties plans for post-brexit Britain, and the deal with the EU.

But with just one week until the General Election it can be said that exactly the opposite has happened.  Although leaving the EU has been a big talking point it has not dominated the election as first expected.  Throughout the election I have heard more about domestic issues such as welfare, education, and health in the past month and only the occasional Brexit campaign issue.

But is this a good thing?

On the one hand it can be argued that the focus on domestic issues is good for the election.  Focus on these issues show the public how the Government that they elect will run the public services that will impact their daily lives, and not just on Brexit.  If the campaign just focused on Brexit and not the other issues then there could be a lack of knowledge about how the elected Government could act regarding public services and other domestic issues.

On the other hand some people would’ve wanted this election to revolve around Brexit and the subsequent negotiations with the EU.  Due to the importance of Brexit and the constitutional effects of whatever deal is reached, if minimal information about what each party wants from Brexit is provided, then the elected government could reach a deal which does not fully benefit the people of the country.  Furthermore if not enough information is given to the public, then it will be harder to hold the Government to account over Brexit negotiations, and any promises that they may have made throughout the election.

One thing that this focus on domestic issues shows is that after one year of discussing Brexit and the implications of leaving the European Union.  The public are beginning to move on, and accept that the UK is leaving the EU, and wish to focus on the daily running of the country, our health service, schools, emergency services, social care, and all of the matters which impact us daily.  Of course we realise the importance of Brexit and the issues that it raises, and that it will continue to be a dominant factor in UK politics for years to come.  It seems as if we are just wanting to return to focusing on the issues of daily importance for the time being.


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