GE2017: Upcoming Content

Now that a general election has been announced I have decided to write a series of posts in relation to this.

So far I have 6 posts planned that I will write and upload over the next two weeks.

The first is a basic opinion article about the election and Theresa May’s decision to call an election.  The second will be an early analysis of the election, and discuss the issues facing the different political parties in this election.  A third post will examine Theresa May’s decision not to participate in televised leader’s debates.

Another post will be more in-depth and based n responses.  I am currently creating a survey/questionnaire to distribute to young people to find out their view on the election.  The survey will cover a range of issues from their opinion about the election to the issue of 16 and 17 year olds voting.  The issue of 16/17 year olds voting will also be covered in an opinion article.

*Note- Please vote in the poll on The Humanity Complex Twitter page (@ComplexHumanity) about the issue of 16/17 year olds voting.

In addition to this, a twitter polling page Polls and Surveys (@opinionpolls_01) uploaded various polls regarding the General Election and the outcome of the election for different political parties.  When the surveys are closed I will examine the results in a post on the blog.

*Note- Please visit “Polls and Surveys” and complete their General Election surveys

In addition to these posts a number of changes have been made to the blog.  Due to the frequent nature of uploads relating to the election, “General Election 2017” has been added to the category menu at the top of the blog page.  This will allow you to access all posts about the election.  After the 8th June the category will be removed from the main menu.


In addition, a special logo and header has been created for the General Election using the Android App Logo Maker.  It is likely that this will be uploaded to the blog’s social media close to the election, and will also be used in information images posted n social media.

GE2017 Logo (Humanity Complex)

Make sure to follow The Humanity Complex on social media to receive updates about General Election content.  Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore please make sure to visit Polls and Surveys and complete the polls on the election.


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