Taking a break from politics

My last post on The Humanity Complex was on the 30th March 2017, since then although I have planned posts, I have not uploaded any new posts in the month of April.  This is for a number of reasons.  

One is that I struggled for ideas for posts to write about, I wanted to write a post that didn’t mention Trump or Brexit in great detail, which is much harder than it seems for a political blog.

But I did get an idea, a post about complacency in global politics and a post about the Liberal Democrats.  Although I struggled to find the right structure for the posts, and took more time to plan them.

But the last reason is the biggest reason why I have not posted, as the Easter Holidays started I have had to focus on exam work and revision.  Furthermore, as the 2 week break started I decided to take a break from politics.  I have not watched political news or even discussed politics with anyone for the past few weeks.  Instead I decided to take time off, as the news is dominated by Brexit and Donald Trump, writing about politics and current affairs can become very repetitive.  So I took time to take minimal notice of these events and enjoy my time off by not focusing on them in great detail.  I’ve paid attention to the news, just not written about it.

Now that that’s over, over the next few weeks I will be working on the latest posts to the blog.

The first will be the post about complacency in global politics.  Which will look at the growth of UKIP and the SNP, Labour’s losses in the 2015 General Election (specifically in Scotland), the Liberal Democrats, and the complacency that led to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

The second will focus on the Liberal Democrats, the events surrounding the party and their electoral chances in the future, I might focus on other parties in the future.

These posts will be uploaded to the blog and updates will be given over the blogs social media, such as Facebook, Twitter (@ComplexHumanity) and Instagram  (thehumanitycomplex).


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