Article 50: Brexit Begins

The UK has officially triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, and notified the European Union that they are leaving.  This means that Brexit is here, and the UK will commence the 2 year negotiation period with the EU.

The UK’s ambassador to Brussels hand delivered the letter informing the EU of Article 50 to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.  When Tusk received the letter he said that the day was a sad day, as Britain was leaving the EU.

Although there was a mixed reaction to the Letter.  Some celebrated the news that Article 50 had been triggered positively.  The Telegraph hailed it as a “Magnificent Moment”.  Although May was heavily criticised by opposition members and those in the EU.  She was accused of making a direct threat and blackmailing the EU by suggesting that if the EU was to give Britain a bad deal, then they could lose Britain’s cooperation in terms of international crime and security.

The Telegraph’s front page regarding Article 50

Now that the events of Wednesday have taken their course, what could happen now?

As the negotiation period starts it could go either way for the EU and the UK.  On the one hand, May’s statement about security may pressure the EU to cooperate with Britain and help secure a good deal, or it may cause the EU to be less cooperative, as they don’t appreciate using security as a threat.

In her statement the PM admitted that Brexit will have consequences, but the big question for the UK is, what will those consequences be?


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