Netherlands’ far-right was defeated… but what now?

Geert Wilders, the far-right candidate in the Dutch elections has been defeated by the Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the People’s party of Freedom and Democracy (VVD) by gaining the largest number of seats.  Now that Wilders and the Party of Freedom  (PPV) have been defeated, what does it mean?

Yesterday I wrote a post about what these elections across Europe could mean, and if far-right parties came to power then it could have serious implications for the EU.  In the time after Brexit many anti-EU political parties have grown, and it is unclear whether or not these parties could come to power and we could see member states leave the EU.

However, it is clear that the Netherlands may not be taking this route, as they voted for the VVD. Although the Green Left party also gained alot of support in the election.

This election suggests that the Netherlands will not take steps to leave the European Union.

Although, the future of Europe is still uncertain, as even though the Netherlands voted against a far-right candidate, the French elections are next month and could still produce a far-right presidency.

Although this election provides a good result for the EU, although the result of future elections will give us a clearer picture.


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