The Humanity Complex: 2017 Update

Here is the plan for the content that will be posted to The Humanity Complex in 2017.

As you know The Humanity Complex is a blog which covers current affairs in politics and society, along with a number of other topics, so it can be quite hard to plan what to write as some of these events unfold quickly whereas others are easier, such as elections.

For next year there are a number of things that I can positively say that I will write about in 2017.

These include;

  • The Brexit process between the UK Government, the House of Commons and the European Union
  • European Elections
  • Political proesses and events in the UK and Scotland
  • Donald Trump’s Presidency

Other topics that I can write about are;

  • Social attitudes in the UK
  • Current Political issues
  • Topical Events and Arguments
  • And much more

The one thing I can say about blog activity in 2016 is that it wasn’t regular due to technical issues, but for the vast majority of next year I should be able to update regularly, from January until August I should be able to update regularly.  However, due to educational issues starting in September the content may not be as regular.

I am looking forward to writing posts for The Humanity Complex in 2017.  Although I’m sure that there will be plenty to write about.

Harry Williamson

Administrator of The Humanity Complex


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