Blog Update: Christmas Theme and Content


The Christmas Season is approaching, so I feel that the blog must show that, so I have made some changes to the look of the blog over the past few days.

The first thing that I have done to change the blog is updating the logo and header.  The original logo is a dark blue globe on a black backdrop, the new Christmas Logo is the same logo, only it is a red globe on a white background with “Merry Christmas” written above it.

The new Humanity Complex Christmas Logo

I have also changed the blog header or social media pages the same, except this is a white globe on a red background with white writing.  This can e found on the blog’s social media.

The blog header for Christmas

I have changed the blog’s theme to fit in with this colour scheme.  The original blog theme was black and blue, but the theme that I use for the blog (Gazette) allows a red and white theme to be activated.  The white replaces the black background and the red replaces the blue.

THC Xmas.png

I have updated the blog’s social media with this new theme.  As well as the new header and logo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WordPress also allow a Holiday Snow setting to be activated on all blogs throughout Christmas.  This will have snow falling on the pages of your blog.  I have activated this setting for The Humanity Complex and will turn it off after Christmas, probably on New Years Eve.

After I release the EU Referendum article, all posts up until the 4th January will be Christmas/New Years related.  I have plans to write posts about Christmas becoming too commercial, Christmas Jumpers, and I have plans to write about the events of 2016.

Make sure to follow the blog on social media for updates.

Twitter: @ComplexHumanity

Facebook: The Humanity Complex

Tumblr: thehumanitycomplex

Instagram: thehumanitycomplex

I hope you enjoy these changes and new content, but it is only temporary, all changes will be reset on the 4th January 2017.

Thank You.

Harry Williamson

Administrator of The Humanity Complex


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