Live Music is an excellent experience, that everyone should share.

If you have ever experienced a good piece of live music, or have performed in front of a crowd.  then you know what I am talking about.  Seeing a piece of live music that you really enjoy is an amazing experience.  Whether you enjoy rock classics or more recent music, it’s always good to see it performed.

The one thing that inspired me to write this post was an event which happened recently.  Every couple of weeks I manage a Facebook page for  Glasgow based Jazz Band.  They play in a restaurant/pub in Partick.  I travelled by train to Partick and walked along Dumbarton Road until I reached the venue.  When I reached it is could hear the band playing, it is a big band so they are pretty loud.  When I was outside I saw some kids dancing along to the music.  Not going to lie, that made me laugh, and also it sort of gave me the idea for this post.

Throughout the day I sat in a seat that was facing the door and as I looked out I caught a glimpse of the people walking past.  They heard the band playing and almost every single one of them stopped and looked in, some even decided to take time out of they’re busy day to come in and hear them play.  But the one thing that all of these people had in common, whenever they stopped to see the band play, they were smiling.  It just shows that the music made people happy.  (I’ll leave you to cringe at that last sentence.)

I also have some friends who are interested in music, but a different kind altogether, the play in a 4 piece rock band.  And yet again when I go to see them play the only emotions around me are positive ones.  This seems like a pattern.  People enjoy live music.

A good piece of live music is one thing that brings out the best in people.  Now of course different people have different music tastes, some like rock and some like jazz.  Some like pop and (for some reason) some like Clubland and Dubstep.  

The only thing that I would say is that whatever music you like,  see it live and experience it first hand, and support live music, it is an experience that everyone should share.


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