Upcoming article on the aftermath of the EU Referendum.

As you know I was supposed to publish a series of articles about the EU Referendum, and the effect of it’s aftermath on numerous aspects of British and European politics and society, I planed this immediately after my post about the referendum before the result was announced.

Almost 6 months have passed since Britain voted to leave the European Union.  I have decided that this is enough time for me to gather all of the information and write one big post about it all.  I am aware that i opted against doing that in June but I’ve decided that it is the best thing, that period of time wasn’t a great time to do it as everything was constantly changing.

Things have settled to some extent now and I can now attempt to have an article analysing and commenting on the result, the aftermath and what could happen next.  This will be a large post to write and may take some time, I expect it to be released in some time in December 2016.

I will do my best to complete this article to the highest standard and I hope that you enjoy breading it once it has been completed.


Read the plan for the original blog posts here.



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