Why I blog.

I have been blogging since June, and I thought that a good thing to do would be to explain why I work on this blog, and what I have realised while doing this.

Prior to June 2016, The Humanity Complex did not exist, it was just an idea that I had in my head that I had no idea how to start.  A week before the EU Referendum I was talking to one of the English teachers in my school.  I told her that I was interested in studying Journalism at University, so she suggested that I start a blog.  She told me about WordPress, an online system for blogging.  And so I started.

The next day I had some free time so I was working with an S2 Modern Studies class.  There was a break in the session so I spoke to the teacher about WordPress, I found out that there was an app, so I downloaded it, and set up The Humanity Complex.

The name was something that I had always thought about, but I had no use for it.  I decided to give the blog this name.  The name was met with criticism from friends, but I explained the meaning.  The Humanity Complex would be about all of the issues impacting humanity, which gives the blog a wide area to write about.  I could write about Politics, Society and Current issues in the world.

For the blog logo I tried to find an image which would relate to the title.  At the end I found a black image which a blue head and brain inside.  It summed up The Humanity Complex.  Thinking about all of the issues that face humanity every day.  Since then I have changed the logo.  I created my own logo which maintained the same black and blue colour scheme.  It was a blue globe on a black background.  It still carries the same meaning of things that impact humanity all over the world.

When I started the blog it was hard to find topics to write about, I had started a large piece about the EU Referendum, but it was nowhere close to being ready for the publish stage, so I needed to write about some other topics, but due to time and technological restrictions I found it hard.  After the Brexit vote I decided to write numerous posts about the impact of the referendum on different parts of British Politics and Society.  However, due to the ever changing political landscape it was not easy, so the idea was abandoned.  It was not until August 2016 that the blog took off and started having regular posts.

I started to write posts about current political issues such as Grammar Schools and Scottish Independence, and even some posts on the infamous 2016 US Election.

For the short time that I have been blogging I have realised something, I really enjoy this blog.  I know that this blog only has a small audience right now but I don’t mind, the fact that I can write my work and publish it online is good enough for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on different posts, and I have at least 5 posts in the works at audience you one time.  The fact that I can write my opinions and analysis on political and social issues and have people see then is a great thing to do.

I also feel that blogging calms me down, when I have had a bad day where someone, or everyone has made my day miserable, I like to take an hour or two out of my day and blog, I feel that it calms me down and relaxes me.

The thing about me is that I am not a numbers person, I am a word person.  From a young age I was always writing nd now I can share my writing with others.  I would recommend blogging to anyone who is interested in this type of thing.  If you enjoy writing you should start a blog.  You don’t have to write about political affairs, you can write about anything you want, and that is what makes blogging great.  I have read numerous blogs throughout my short time in the blogging world, from diary entries to fanfiction, from social issues to political science.  The world of blogging is vast and endless, and with words, there is no limit to what you can do. That is why I enjoy blogging so much.

So start a blog, and write about what you are interested in.


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