Russell Brand returns to YouTube with new “Trews” episode

The British comedian and activist Russell Brand has made a comeback to YouTube by releasing a brand new episode of his web series The Trews.
The latest episode was titled Guess who’s back: Russell Brand The Trewsafter he took a break from the weekly segment one year ago, much to the disappointment, but understanding, of his followers.

The Trews was made by Russell Brand and was him covering an event on the news and in current affairs and giving his own spin on it.  Calling it the True News, news you can trust.  Brand often called for a non-violent political and social revolution, and that he did not agree with the current establishment and system.  Russell often used rhetoric that suggested that the love for the fair treatment of people should not hold anybody back from fighting for a particular cause. He covered issues ranging from Austerity, Foreign Policy, Uber and Taxi Drivers, relarions between the police and the public in the UK, Scottish Independence, the monarchy, support for those suffering from drug addiction and became heavily involved in domestic political campaigns such as the New Era Housing Association which fought to prevent people from being evicted from their homes.

Russell Brand delivering petitions to 10 Downing Street with New Era campaigners 

The Trews has received some massive publicity before it ended in 2015.  With Russell interviewing many people from many industries, whether that be other actors, Senior Political Figures or a member of the Firefighter’s Union.  Russell even managed to get an interview with Party leaders during the 2015 General Election, when he interviewed Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett, and even the then Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband.  Which some say had an impact on the campaigns with David Cameron attacking Brand the next day, labelling him as a joke.

“Russell Brand’s a joke.”

Former Prime Minister David Cameron

In his video announcing the year long break Brand claims that his inyerview with Ed Miliband harmed Labour’s electability.

“We ruined the general election.”

Russell Brand to his followers in the video announcing the break.

Trews has also made notable enemies throughout its segments.  One of the biggest would be the American Fox News who brand would often criticise on his show.  He was once spoken about on Fox News, and was called a left wing communist.  He often criticised media giant Rupert Murdoch for his newspapers being biased, and the UK Independence Party for their immigration policy and rhetoric.

Brand’s latest videos before the year long break had a look at Jeremy Corbyn’s first campaign for Labour leader and Tony Blair’s criticisms of Corbyn.  

Some people see Russell Brand as an extremely controversial figure.  Before he took the break Brand came under fire from people on many occasions, many showed dismay at his show and labelled him a hypocrite.  He attracted the attention of TV Host Jeremy Kyle after showing his dismay at the minutes silence for the victims of the Tunisian beach massacre, claiming that it was an empty hollow gesture.  Kyle attacked Brand in an article in The Sun newspaper telling the Brand to show some respect for the victims.  Many members of the public also showed dismay at Brand’s view of the rant and condemned it as disrespectful to the victims of the tragedy.

The latest Trews episode focused on the second Presidential Debate in the United States and Russell Brand mainly focused on the behaviour of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, analysing his campaign so far, policies and his past record on certain issues.  He then went on to describe the US Constitution.

“It’s sort of beautiful, like an enlightened, spiritual and optimistic document that they now just use as a backdrop for a ludicrous television programme.”

Russell Brand on the US Constitution in the most recent Trews episode.

The followers of The Trews have anticipated the return of the show for a year and the the feedback from the shows followers seem to be optimistic, and that they are glad to see it return.  However, it is too soon to tell what the feedback will be.  Remember, some see Brand as  great, whilst others see him as controversial.  The Trews has only just returned to our laptops, tablets and mobile devices.  It doesn’t matyer if yoh love him or hate him, we will see soon what the people make of Brand’s return.

We will soon find out what the public thinks about Brand’s return

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