The EU Referendum: A look at the aftermath

Britain has voted to Leave the European Union

24th June 2016, a day when the United Kingdom awoke to learn that the result of their brutal and bitter referendum was in, and much to the enjoyment of Nigel Farage, UKIP, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, Britain had voted to leave the European Union.
Now it would be very niave of me to say that we expected no fallout from this referendum, but it has unleashed more drama in the political environment of the UK than expected.Now I could write one big article about all of the effects of the fallout, about the divisions in Britain.  But I have decided to cover these issues separately.  Different articles will be uploaded to the wordpress blog, twitter account, and the Facebook page.

I hope to cover the issues of the EU Referendum aftermath like;

  • The age divisions
  • Regional Divisions
  • Cameron’s Resignation and Tory Party leadership
  • The Jeremy Corbyn Crisis and the Labour Coup
  • The situation in Scotland and the possibility of a second independence referendum.
  • And any other issues which rise as a result of this referendum

I look forward to writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it.

The EU Aftermath will be covered in separate articles

Thank you for reading this and keep checking the blog, twitter and Facebook for these articles.


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